Have You Tried a Radio App?

Finding enjoyable ways to interact with your target language every day is so important.

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a lovely day here in Holland. We visited a castle and went for a bit of a scenic drive, enjoying the weather and the fact that it was Saturday.

Kasteel de Haar

We were in the car and the radio just so happened to be on. It was a Dutch radio station called NPO 3FM, and they were doing something special all weekend: playing 333 of the Most Popular Dutch songs. 

Holland, like many other cultures, has their own Dutch songs and artists, but they also play lots of English music. This weekend was only for the best Dutch songs, in every genre, and for the hour or so that we spent in the car, I added 3 new bangers to my playlist!

I was really enjoying the whole experience and I thought, I should listen to Dutch radio more often.

The wheels started turning...

I opened the app store on my phone and searched 'luister radio', which is Dutch for 'listen radio'. One of the first that popped up was NPO's 3FM app! So I've been listening to it while I work this week.

What can you find in your target language?
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If you are also studying Dutch and want to hear some great music, check out my playlist on Spotify.

Find a new artist or two and start your own playlist!

Also check out this expat blogger's post about her favorite Dutch music and follow her Spotify playlist, too! 


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