TYAL Gets a Makeover

 You guys might have noticed I have changed the look of the blog a little bit. I feel like it needed a refresh!

There aren't a lot of things I can do through Blogger.com, which is the host I use to manage this website at the moment. In the future, I want to give it a complete makeover and make it easy to find information, find products, subscribe by email, access free downloads, and contact me.

One thing I have learned both with language acquisition and business is that small steps forward are key. As long as you are making progress, it doesn't matter how slow you are moving. In fact, slow, steady progress can be more impactful than big leaps in the direction of your goals. So I will try to apply this to teachyourselfalanguage.com as well :)

I hope you are all enjoying the material available here so far. If you ever have a question, feel free to comment or fill out the contact form / subscription form in the sidebar menu!

I hope to hear from you.

Xx, Alison


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