Buy the 30 Day Challenge Journal

Coming soon...

TraveLingo teamed up with Worthy Tweaks, a company based in the Netherlands who is dedicated to helping people make lasting positive changes in their lives using the power of habit, to bring to you a 30 day challenge journal that will blow your socks off.

In this journal you'll find insight into how our brains acquire language, tips on how to change your study habits for better results, structure so you can maintain a daily routine and more!

The journal is currently in its first draft stage and is nearly ready for a beta group. If you're interested in being one of the first to get your hands on a copy and providing much-needed feedback, email with the subject line "Journal Tester". 

Check the website again soon to see if they are available for sale!

Until then, visit to browse their other products and coaching services. They're amazing!

P.S. If you use code TRAVELINGO, you will get 10% off your Worthy Tweaks order!!
(Email if you are having trouble with the discount code)


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